GEORGE GRUNTZ | Concert Jazz Band

George Gruntz

Pianist, Composer and Bandleader

Music studies, prizes at Zurich Jazz Festivals, in 1958 a pianist with the "International Youth Band" at the Newport Festivals, where George Gruntz accompanied among others Louis Armstrong. In an instant, he became famous. He was musical director of the Zurich Playhouse and art director of the Berlin Jazz Festival. In between he composed a first jazz opera, founded a Piano Conclave, was in charge of the moderation of the TV-music series "All You Need Is Love" and in 1972 finally founded the famous George Gruntz - Concert Jazz Band, a worldwide renowned Big Band with international soloist only - a Who's Who of contemporary Jazz. A few remaining copies of the biography "George Gruntz" - born a white Negro" are available to order.

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