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George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

A Who’s Who of Contemporary Jazz

The George Gruntz Concert - Concert Jazz Band, founded in 1972, is a leading European Jazz Big Band with international soloists. Right from the start, it has been an orchestra of soloists only and to date well over a hundred international Jazz Stars performed with the Concert Jazz Band - a Who's Who of contemporary Jazz. In September 2008, the Band will be touring through Russia.

A Who's Who of Contemporary Jazz (PDF)

"Best Contemporary Bigband in the World today" (RADIO FRANCE, Paris)

Besetzungsplan 2008


Marvin Stamm
Tatum Greenblatt
Tobias Weidinger

Jack Walrath


Dave Bargeron


René Mosele

Gary Valente
Earl McIntyre


Howard Johnson


Chris Hunter (as/ss/fl)
Sal Giorgianni (as/ts/fl)
Larry Schneider (ts/ss/fl)
Scott Robinson (ts)

Rhythm Section:

George Gruntz (p/leader)
Arie Volinez (b)
John Riley (d)

Sound Design/Sound Crew:

Oliver Bergner/Andrei Wedel


Neues Management

The Makers
powered by Amt für Ideen
Rindermarkt 20
CH 8001 Zürich
+41 44 383 44 55

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